The U.S. Virgin Islands will pay you $300 to visit them in 2017

united-states-virgin-islands383WHAT??? Yes, you see it right! I had the same reaction. The reason is the deal is the following: 2017 is the 100th anniversary of America casually buying the Caribbean archipelago from Denmark.

However, I learnt that we can get nothing for free, and there is always a line with those small letters. Anyway, I checked the advertisement, what’s the worst  that can happen to me? I was reading, reading, reading… and figured out that it doesn’t seem so bad, as the only thing you need to do is to visit museums, attend to tours and eat foods. Who wouldn’t do that?? OK, do you want to book your ticket right now to the Virgin Islands? You can do it here, but before you do anything – and please, forgive me for making you sad! -, THINK!!! Bookings must be made for at least 3 nights if you want to receive the $300 vouchers. On U.S.V.I. website a night costs starting from around $180, so:3×180= $540.

My travels are about comparing. I compare prices all the time, even when I know there won’t be cheaper. And paying $180 for a room sounded too much for me, so I decided to check, which is my favourite site to book a hotel. And voulá, an accommodation for Virgin Island on Booking starts from $90 only! So: 3×90= $270. The difference between the 2 prices is almost $300, so yeah… I suggest you not to give your head for that deal, as you can book a hotel for yourself on your own, and you can decide later what you want to do and what you want to eat. Probably the participating restaurants and tours would be much more expensive than the ones you would find on your own.

Anyway, nice try, Virgin Islands!



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