4 days in Bangkok

tours-top10After my 6 months internship in Jakarta, Indonesia, I could finally come back home. I was very excited to see my family and my cute pets, so I couldn’t wait to get on the plane. However, I had some days in Bangkok before. To be honest, this was the first, and hopefully the last time, when I felt that I have no mood to travel and I’d rather skip it. Anyway, there is nothing to do, I must stay 4 days in Bangkok and I should enjoy as much as I can.

After my arrival to Don Mueang I catched a shuttle bus, as I didn’t want to get stuck on the public bus with my big luggage. But if you go to Bangkok with only a backpack, don’t hesitate to use the public bus, which is much more cheaper than a shuttle bus. The shuttle arrived to Khao San Road, where I had my accommodation. I don’t regret booking a room there, because that’s in the middle of the city, or at least in the middle of the sights. On the next days I could walk from there almost everywhere. After my first night, I had a very intensive next day:

  • I started at The Grand Palace. Your wallet will experience an European kind entry fee (it was 500 bath), but anyway, I paid for it. Thailand likes asking from money from every single tourists it seems. OK, almost everywhere in Southeast Asia, but visiting temples for example in Indonesia (even in Bali) was free. Leave it! If you want to see everything in the area, count with at least 2 hours. When I’m alone, I’m kinda fast, I don’t like spending too much time with taking 10000 photos or things like that. So, if you or your friends ask for a photo or they make at least 100 selfie picture, count half a day for this trip!
  • My second sight to see was the Wat Arun, where I could spend a lot of time as well walking in the garden. You can reach the temple easily by boat from Tha Tian, there is no tourist price or something like that, they ask 5 bath for a single trip.  I was a little disappointed, as the temple was under renovation, but at least the garden was beautiful. I was pretty silly to pay the admission (OK, it’s not that high), because I couldn’t go inside the temple, but I could walk only outside, which wasn’t worth for it.
  • I was very tired already from walking, but I was still motivated to go to the Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha. With the admission you get a bottle of water, which made me very happy, though I had my own water bottle. You shouldn’t forget to drink as much as possible in Bangkok, as the weather is very hot! Fortunately there are drinking taps in the temples, where you can fill your bottles – for free, wow! 😀 I was very surprised to see that there is something I don’t have to pay for.


  • Last, but not least, I visited 1 more temple! 😀 The Suthattepwararam (heeeey macarena) Temple. It was pretty small, but still, they asked for admission 😀 The temple was nice, and finally there weren’t so many tourists, so I could walk and take pictures without any problems, and… people. But after seeing so many temples I felt I could have missed it.

My day was very long, so I returned back to my hostel and laid down for a while. My Indonesian friends told me that Bangkok is similar to Jakarta, so.. when it was about using suncream, I didn’t really put anything on me. I didn’t need much time to realize that it’s not really similar, because in Jakarta I couldn’t get sunburnt, but in Bangkok I felt it after 1 hour walking. Yes, I got the result.

13102791_10153611765893581_2157853269362010377_nI got to know a girl from Couch Surfing, so in the evening we went out at Khao San Road to eat and visit the market. I tried the scorpion as well, which was a pretty weird experience. Have you ever eaten popcorn? If you like it, you’ll probably like the scorpion as well! its legs are pretty scripsy, and the body tastes like popcorn. I bought it for 50 baht. Sellers will try to sell them for 100 baht, so try to bargain. Bargaining should be your friend in Bangkok (and in most Asian countries..), so never accept any price on the market, unless they write it on the product (which is very rare…).

My sunburnt became so bad that on the next day I didn’t want to do anything. I was suffering from the pains so much! A Hungarian girl, Katka wrote me on Couch Surfing a few weeks before that she’s going to Bangkok as well, so we met! Unfortunately she ended up staying in an other hostel, but it was still nice that we could solve the logistics problems and we could meet. I planned to see the Dusit Zoo before our meeting, but it was so warm that I decided to stay in the hostel and go to the meeting later. Katka felt the same, so after walking around the Marble Temple we decided to look for a café with air condition and chat there.

Finally my last day arrived, when Katka and me met again, in a restaurant called Baan Dinso. It was pretty comfy with comfortable seats, air condition, WiFi and good food. The prices were OK, but of course you can find better ones on the streets. After having a lunch there we started walking to the markets with Katka and I had my 2nd scorpion 😀

I ended the day and my stay in Bangkok with an Indian food. I should have avoided it, as on my flight was back to Hungary I had much stomach problems because of it 😀 The pressure!

So! In a nutshell:


  • Visit temples: there are many temples in Bangkok (have a look at the map, their name starts with “Wat”. Grand Palace and Wat Pho are musts!
  • Visit markets, they are more active at evening time.
  • Bargain, bargain, bargain!!! Never accept the 1st price in the markets
  • USE SUNCREAM!!! You don’t want to be a lobster.
  • Drink!!! As much as possible, if it was a competition.
  • Stay nearby Khao San Road. I stayed in The Aris Hostel, it was pretty nice, I can recommend it to everyone.


  • Going to Bangkok in April. That’s the hottest month in Bangkok. If you need to go there then, bring more suncream and water.
  • Tuk-tuk drivers, or at least be careful with them. There are many scams, they might bring you to unnecessary places, and you don’t want to buy smokings on your vacation I guess.

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