How to spend a few hours in Tallinn?

tallinn-estoniaErasmus students, who study in Helsinki, Finland, know Tallinn really well. Maybe other Finnish people. There are many ships going between the cities, and you find a lot of Finnish people on each boats. Do you know why? Not because of the beauty of Tallinn (don’t missunderstand me, it’s very beautiful!), nor because of working for a higher salary, but the alcohol. Alcohol is much cheaper in Tallinn, than in Finland, therefore people would rather pay for the ship, but buy huge amount of booses. I don’t need to say, at the first time our goal was also getting some alcohols. To be honest I was more up to see Tallinn, but going to an alcohol shop was the 2nd thing I wanted to do, though I didn’t  buy so much thing. I’m not a big drinker, I don’t need too much to feel buzz.

The ferry takes you to Tallinn from Helsinki in about 2 hours, which is not a big deal in my opinion. Going with so many exchange students was fun for me: on the way we played cards, a game called “shitpan”.

In Tallinn you should definitely see the old town once you’re there. While I was there, I spent my whole time in the old town.

So here is the list what you must visit in Tallinn, if you have only a few hours:

  • Town Hall Square: at my 2nd visit they had some souvenir markets3
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral1
  • Riigikogu, the “Pink Parliament” 😀 2

Actually I’m more interested in nature and architecture, so these places were those which made me amazed. There are more museums in the old town, but to me they weren’t so special. If you’re a similar kind of person, I can suggest you to just walk around the streets and enjoy the cute buildings with the cute souvenir places. To me they were very interesting.

Unfortunately in the old town the fooding opportunities are pretty expensive, prices are similar to Helsinki as I experiences. Therefore I ended up eating in McDonald’s, where a cheese burger was 1 EUR.

So, in a nutshell, only must dos:

  • If you go to Finland and you want to buy alcohol there, do it in Tallinn instead. There are many huge alcohol shops around the harbour.
  • Bring cash! In most souvenir shops and markets won’t accept credit/debitcard.
  • Walk, and go with the flow

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