Kuala Lumpur

kuala-lumpur-2013-exterior-dusk-homepageBefore going to Indonesia, I had a few days in Kuala Lumpur. Originally I didn’t plan with this city, but since the plane ticket was cheaper to fly to Malaysia and have a low-cost airline from there, I decided to give it a chance. I didn’t regret.

Most of the times I stay with Couch Surfers, and it applied to Kuala Lumpur as well. I found a Nigerian guy who could host me, and I was very happy about that. We talked almost everyday, so I was sure about that we will get on well in reality as well. I arrived at night, he gave me a good welcoming, but what happened afterwards was a little bit awkward: he invited to his room and he showed his bed that I can sleep on it. After a while I realized that he really wanted to share the bed. I said sleeping on the floor is OK for me, so I packed everything down for sleeping, when he told me that I can use the sofa outside in the living room, if it’s better. Hell yeah, lets check it! I went out to the living room to see, and then I saw the balcony window opened, so there was a lot of mosquitoes – OK, then lets sleep on the floor, between his bed and the wardrobe (it was so narrow that I couldn’t really turn on my another side when I was laying). He told me several times that I can move to the bed, but I didn’t do so. Fortunately nothing worse happened to me, but this was pretty weird, I don’t need to mention that.

Although I was flying for 19 hours, and I slept only a few hours, I didn’t feel tired on the next morning. I wanted to leave from my host as soon as possible. I took the metro and went to see the Jamek Mosque from outside and the surrounding areas at Merdeka Square.

I was kinda bored in that time, so I decided to write to a Couch Surfing guy from the USA, who wrote me a few days before that he’s traveling in Kuala Lumpur as well. I was a little sceptic to meet him, as his profile on Couch Surfing didn’t seem to be so well-filled, but I was like both of us are travelers there, so what can happen if we walk on the crowded streets? He said we can meet up 1 hour later, so in that time I started walking and exploring the area, like the real Dóra. I found some markets nearby, where I bought a glass of bubble tea – I’m addicted to this stuff!

Eventually my guy, Luke arrived and it turned out that he’s sooo cool! We walked back to the Central Market’s area and had lunch there. He was volunteering in a chocholate farm in Bali, and he was going in an out from Indonesia in every month because of the visa requirements. We agreed in meeting in Indonesia, but unfortunately it didn’t happen eventually, as he had already left the country when I made my visit there. We walked to the Chinatown afterwards and passed a temple called Sin Sze Si Ya Temple. I adore temples!

We continued our tour to the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. When we got there, we became very tired from walking, so we sat down for a bit, had a rest and drink. Afterwards we went inside the park, where there were many birds in an opened area – means there was no cages. The peacocks were walking next to us, it was so lovely!

Last, but not least we went to the Botanical Garden nearby, where we found a Bamboo building and we went up there to lay down and talk.

We agreed on meeting on the next day as well and go to the Batu Caves. It happened, and Luke took a British guy, whose name was Peter. I got on my lovely Indian kurti, which made me a better mood for visiting a Hindu place. If you ever go to the Batu Caves, do in the morning. There are a lot of stairs up to the caves, so you have to be very fit to go up. One of the caves is free to visit, but if you want to go on a tour to the another one, you must pay 35 ringit. I haven’t gone there, because I wasn’t really interested. Instead of that I went down, checked the market stalls and bought a coconut to drink. I hate coconut, but at that time I wanted to drink one sooo much! The guys went into the cave and they liked it pretty much.

1After they finished, we took the metro and went to the city. They went back to their hostel, so I ended up staying alone. I had some lunch and went to Little India to check the area and think more about my time in India. I had a henna tattoo made (10 ringgit) and talked a lot with the girl, who was actually from Pakistan. I really liked the buildings in the town, they were pretty cute. I bought some scents as well, so I could use them in Indonesia.


As the time was still early, I decided to attend a night food market at Sungai Besi, which was promoted on Couch Surfing by a Malaysian girl, Iza. At the “tour” we were 3 of us: Adam, a Chinese-Canadian guy, Iza, and me. She showed us the best Malaysian foods in the market. I bought some satay, and I loved it so much! Ohh, and a glass of bubble tea, of course! 😀

3I eventually returned back to my host’s house, who promised me to take out to the Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers and go some bar afterwards to play pool. We went out, and in the bar we met some Dutch people, so we started playing pool together. It was much fun, but unfortunately we didn’t stay there too long, as next day I had my flight to Jakarta. My boss picked me up from the airport then, so I didn’t want to look so tired.

So, in a nutshell:


  • Visit Batu Caves, preferably in the morning
  • Visit Little India
  • Visit Chinatown, buy your souvenirs there.
  • Use public transport, the metro system is pretty good in my opinion. On the other hand taxis are also nice there, at stations you can order a taxi, and you have to pay before your ride.


  • Traveling at night. Metros stop their service in the evening, so afterwards you need to use taxi.
  • Malaysia’s population is mostly Muslim. Please behave accordingly and respect their culture
  • Touching monkeys, especially at Batu Caves. Put away your drinks and foods, as they will get it away from you. If they attacked your drink/food, give it them, you don’t want to get a monkey bite (which is actually as bad as a dog bite!)

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