London in my eyes

1Visiting big cities is not my dream – I always preferred visiting places where there aren’t so many tourists. There are so many overrated cities in the world, which aren’t that good, just look at New York. I don’t like it. I thought the same for London, but I gave it a chance, when I was an Erasmus student in Helsinki, Finland, and the Norwegian Air Shuttle had some good deals to London.

3 of us went to the city, and tried to explore it in 3 days. Actually we knew it’s not that much, but an Erasmus student in Finland is probably poor, especially if that student is Hungarian, so 3 days were more than enough for us.

We stayed in a cheap hotel in Chelsea area – don’t recommend it to anyone. Please make sure to check ratings of the hotels, ours were awful! I was an amateur at booking hotels in that time, so yeah, we got the result. The windows were so bad that we could hear the underground moving in every 2nd minute. All day, all night… WTF? Yeah. And, finally when they were on a break for a few hours, then we could realize the thickness of the walls… we had a very romantic couple next to us, and sometimes I felt I’m also in the action. Hmm… So whenever you’re in London, try to avoid the cheapest places to stay. Next time I’d rather spend more, but I’m sure I’ll be able to sleep more as well.

So what did I see?

  • Stamford Bridge: in that time I was a big fan of soccer, my favourite team was Chelsea. My friends didn’t want to come with me, but fortunately I didn’t need to go alone – there was a friend of mine who was an exchange student in London, and… she’s also a Chelsea fan!
  • Tower Bridge. Did you know that it has a sibling in Budapest? The Chain Bridge was built by the same person and there are some mutual elements in the bridges.1
  • Big Ben
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Piccadily Circus
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Wellington Arch5
  • St. James’ Park
  • London Eye8
  • Kings Cross Station – which Harry Potter lover wouldn’t visit it? Sorry guys, but I prefer Slytherin! I was surprised of that they put everything on you for free!
  • Madame Tussauds – where I became a whore, and stuck on every guys I liked, haha!
  • Very cute houses – I loved them so much! They made me feel love regarding to London!3

Some facts:

  • London is the 2nd largest Hungarian city. Seriously. You can find a lot of Hungarians there. We actually met some on the underground, we ate in a Vietnamese restaurant where 2 of the waitresses were Hungarian. And, the most funny, when my friend and me were discussing what to buy for eating, and the guy asked us in Hungarian what we would like to get. We were shocked.
  • Not that expensive like the people say. At least if you are silly enough to book the cheapest accommodation. About food, in my opinion TESCO has very good prices.
  • It’s not raining all the time. While I was there, it didn’t rain 😀
  • No trash bins on the roads, at least not around the Trafalgar area. Or I just lost my eyes, who knows!

I found my dessert as well: the strawberry with melt chocholate and whipped cream on the top

Conclusion: 3 days are not enough. We were pretty in hurry, and we haven’t been to soo many places!


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