A non-musician, who reached Bremen

Thanks to my company in India, where I was an intern, I had the chance to go to Germany to attend an exhibition in Hamburg and help during those days. As I had a longer holiday in school, I didn’t hesitate to play as a traveler and see something else than the exhibition hall. After the exhibition I decided to head to Bremen, which I knew pretty well from my childhood favourite tale, the Town Musicians of Bremen by the Brothers Grimm. You know, with the donkey, dog, cat and rooster. They left their owners from a farm and they decided to go to Bremen to be musicians, but they never reached the city. Well, I could!

Like other times, I used Couch Surfing in Bremen as well. I stayed with a Turkish guy, who was very brave to host me, as my bus arrived pretty late from Hamburg, so I showed up around midnight or a little after. I got my own room, and the permission to stay in the house next day and leave whenever I want. We agreed on meeting in the city center on the following day, before that I had some time to explore the city. What did I see?

  • The Schnoor: it has soo many cute houses with souvenir shops and so, you can find the book of Town Musicians of Bremen – I bought it in German, since I can speak the language. I was walking there and let myself to get lost and explore the way out.
  • I ended up in front of the City Hall‘s area, where there is a sculpture of the animals from the tale, Bremen Roland, who is the protector of the city. And… more cute houses and the St. Petri Dom.
  • Bremen Am Wall: it’s a nice and calm park with a windmill. I had a walk there with my host, but it was actually only a walk, as he was in a little bit hurry 😀
  • Bürgerpark: it’s the Bremen Central Park. It was nice to go there, but not a big deal.
  • Universität Bremen: my host studied there, so he wanted to show it. But not that really tourist attraction.

So, in a nutshell, only must dos:

  • visit Schnoor. If you don’t want to visit it, don’t go to Bremen.
  • for beer lovers, Beck’s is located in Bremen. You can actually visit the factory according to my host.
  • plan your visit for 2 day. I was there for the same, and on the 2nd day I felt that my day is very boring.

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