Would you rather? #6


I joined a swap on Swap-bot called “Would you rather?”. It’s a fun email swap, where you need to answer to some questions. All of them starts with “Would you rather?”. Here are my answers, have fun with reading it.

  1. Would you rather be an unknown major league baseball player or a famous badminton star?

Badminton star. Just because I prefer badminton 😀 If I were famous, probably I wouldn’t have life, but still, I stay at badminton, haha

  1. Would you rather go without TV or junk food the rest of your life?

Hmmm… maybe TV. Nowadays you can watch TV online as well 😀 But anyway, I love eating, and sometimes unfortunately I eat junk food. Though nowadays I prefer eating better food. It’s mainly because when I was in the USA for the first time (I have been there 5 times), on my 10 days roadtrip I ate 8 times at McDonald’s! I got bored of it for my whole life! I rarely go there since that time. OK, I love the French fries, and the ice cream is also good. In the USA I loved the breakast burrito, yammyamm.

  1. Would you rather spend the day at an amusement park or lazing on the beach?

Amusement park! 😀 I have a very light and sensitive skin, so if I’m on the beach for a day, then I’ll be a lobster. And, I’m kinda an active person, I wouldn’t be able to be in one place for a day with doing nothing. And an amusement park gives more adrenaline!

  1. Would you rather be fluent in all languages or be a master of every musical instrument?

Languages, because then I can know more people.

  1. Would you rather sing a song in front of complete strangers or your closest friends?

Well… if I have to do it alone, maybe in front of strangers 😀 I don’t have a good voice, so I don’t want to be joked about my voice among my friends 😀

  1. Would you rather own your own boat or your own plane?

Plane *.* I love planes, and I love flying. And by plane you can go to anywhere, but with boat… not that easily.

  1. Would you rather meet the president of the United States or a movie star?

Maybe a movie star. I’m not that interested in politics, so I’m not that excited to meat any politicians 😀 On the other hand, if I met a movie star, I would have no idea what to talk about :’D I guess they get a lot of silly questions from their fans, so I wouldn’t like to be one of them 😀

  1. Would you rather spend two weeks stuck in a psychiatric hospital or stuck in an airport?

Wow, what a question! Airport of course. Well, once I stayed in an airport for 16 hours, as I run out of money so I couldn’t pay for my accommodation for a night in Lombok, Indonesia xD It wasn’t that bad, although there were so many annoying flies that I couldn’t sleep during the night.

  1. If you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, would it be brushing your hair or brushing your teeth?

Brushing my hair. I heard after a while the hair becomes self-cleaning. Teeth won’t.

  1. Would you rather spend 20 years in prison and be exonerated as innocent or be put away for four years (despite your innocence) and be considered guilty forever?

I don’t really care about others’ opinion, so I would say 4 years. Unfortunately, if you stayed in a prison (even for a month, even for 10 years), you will have a more difficult time to find a job, so even you’re exonerated as innocent, they won’t trust you. In prisons people can learn crafting, and get qualifications, so maybe I would learn something as well, and use it in my life. There was a bank robber who left the prison after a „few” years, and he learnt pottery. Now he’s earning his money from that.

What are YOUR answers? 😉



3 thoughts on “Would you rather? #6

  1. I saw this swap and wondered if I should join:) You obviously like flying and airplanes, I read that in your answers. I can’t say that I like airplanes and flying, but I see airplanes as a necessity to cross land and rivers in just a few hours;) And nowadays it is cheaper that to travel by sea, I guess. I had to laugh at question 3 where you stated that you would be a lobster and that you prefer an amusement park:)

    On question nr. 2 I stopped watching tv years and years ago and I do not miss it at all. The same with junk food. I can imagine that after eating so much Mc Donald’s that you got bored. The idea of having food so easy on hand is tempting:)

    Lucine @ swap-bot.cm for the “Bloggy bloggy #1” swap.


    1. I liked your comment so much, Lucine! 🙂 I suggest you this swap for you next time, I think it’s a really good one, and sometimes you can read really good answers! For example, I had a partner who said she prefers staying in a psychiatric hospital because at least they have pills to take, so she takes them, she won’t have problem with waiting for hours 😀

      Well, there are moments when I nor like flying, like when I’m sleepy (I cannot sleep on the plane), or when the flight is too long, but the seat is very uncomfortable. And once I experienced a weird difference on the engine on a 4 hours flight with Southwest… well, I was waiting to land 😀


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