Book I’m reading right now #3

One of my hobbies above traveling and writing letters is reading books. I love books about other cultures, past events and psychological ones.

Finally I’m finished with the school, I graduated on last Wednesday, so finally I can read books, which are not course books of course 😀 When I was in the USA this summer and was waiting at the JFK airport, I decided to visit one of the shops to spend my time, as I arrived too early to the airport. I was walking, walking and walking, and found this beauty:


The book is written by Chesley B. Sullenberger, who was the pilot of Flight 1549, which landed on Hudson River, in Manhattan on 15th January, 2009 after a bird strike. Fortunately everyone survived the crash, thanks to the good pilots and stewardesses.

So I decided to continue and finish this book, as although I started reading it in September, I didn’t reach too far, as I needed to start studying.

Sullenberger writes about his own life (how he started the aviation, how he liked the military, how he got to know his wife, etc.), his family, and he sometimes describe the day of the crash on Hudson.

The story has a movie as well starring by Tom Hanks. It’s name “Sully”.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m excited to find it in Hungary.


6 thoughts on “Book I’m reading right now #3

  1. Congrats at finishing school! Must feel kike a good relieve;) I did finished last year, and I still enjoy the minutes, hours and days of freedom. I read a lot, but I still did not catch up with reading regular books. I am still stuck on reading law and true history books;)) As reading the title “Sully” I must honestly say that I would not buy the book, but the illustration looks interesting. I wonder what you think about the book itself;) I hope you enjoyed your vacation in the USA!

    Lucine @ for the “Bloggy bloggy #1” swap.


    1. Yes, it’s definitely that kind of book which doesn’t catch your attention, unless you know about the story. The movie was released during that week if I’m right, so I knew what was it about. Actually, on the cover you can see Tom Hanks, who has no connection to the book, but to the movie only.

      I enjoy reading the book by the way, when I bought it I expected to read more about the event, but it’s more about Sullenberger’s personal life. He’s writing in a good style in my opinion, so even it’s a biography, it’s not boring at all.


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  3. smadronia

    I was vaguely curious about this book. I remember Sullenburger not wanting to make a big deal out of the landing, saying he was just doing his job, but most people thought he was a hero, myself included. I may have to check this out from the library.

    Bloggy Bloggy #1


    1. Yes, I can believe why so many people thought he is a hero. Not that many pilot can land on water without any deaths, and he could do that. On the other hand, he really did his job, because one of his responsibilities is to be careful and save his passengers. I hope in the future we can fly with pilots like him only 🙂


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