Learn languages for free!


My addiction related to cultures applies to the languages as well. I love languages, and my goal is to know as many languages as possible, but firstly, my foreign friends’ native language. The list is very long: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese… should I continue?

As a language course in a language school costs too much, especially for exotic languages, I needed to look for other sources – on the Internet! As a poor student I couldn’t afford paying for courses online either, so my aim was to find some free websites, which on the other hand teach something as well.

I used to be a member of “Live Mocha”, but unfortunately the site went down, and now you can find Rosetta Stone on their website, which is unfortunately not free. However, a curious language learner never stops, so I found 2 other sites, which I find very good:


It’s a platform where you can learnupdated_duolingo-logo-with-duo many languages with several courses. You can go through the lessons step by step on a skill tree, and you can also refresh your knowledge with last courses. It provides written lessons and speaking exercises. You gain experience points after each lessons. After certain time the system will offer you to strenghten your language skills, but of course it’s not compulsory to do that.

Duolingo offers a forum, where you can talk with native speakers or you can ask questions related to the lessons. You can also find some materials for translation. People usually copy interesting texts and language learners can translate them, and get experience points after they translate a sentence.

I can offer the site to anyone who is willing to learn: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Irish, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Esperanto, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Hungarian, Greek, and Romanian.

After some time Duolingo will have languages like Swahili, Czech, Hindi, Korean and Indonesian.


memrise-logo-579bd4db5f9b589aa9789d2aAfter you learnt the basic grammar on Duolingo, I suggest you to broaden your words knowledge on Memrise. Although Memrise also teaches grammar, I’d rather suggest you using Duolingo firstly.

Memrise is an online learning tool with courses, related to mainly languages, but you can find other subjects as well, like business, history, and so on. The site uses flashcards which are created by the members. You can select from various courses. At selection you can see how much time do you need to finish the whole course, so you can count with that as well. Before starting the course you can have a look what you can learn, and you can select the words you don’t want to learn. There are so many lessons with the same content that maybe you don’t want to spend so much time on learning the numbers for example.

After each lessons you get points, and you can see your performance on a weekly or all time leaderboard.

On Memrise you can find all the language, so I can offer it to anyone who would like to learn a foreign language. I used Memrise to study Hindi a few years ago, and I before studying the language I could learn writing the Hindi characters as well.

Do you know any other free platforms to learn languages? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Learn languages for free!

    1. Wow, that’s nice, now I’m jealous! 😀 Unfortunately Duolingo doesn’t have Japanese yet, but maybe Memrise could help you a lot in the language 🙂 There are many fun courses there.


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