Indian Journals -a perfect gift for your beloved ones

When I was in India, I visited some gift shops where I saw so many beautiful gifts related to Indian art. It was in the first month of my stay, so I thought I can wait with buying it and spending my money later, not in the first month already, when I still needed to use my money from my home. Eventually, as I got a sickness which led me to fly back home before my original date, I couldn’t buy anything.

However, thanks to Swapbot, I got to know Vishruti, a mum with a toddler from Mumbai, India. After checking her blog and her crafted journals, I felt I should share her works with you with the Indian Journals.

Her Indian journals are one of a kind, beautiful and artistic diaries derived from traditional Indian art that are infused with Eco Conservation Values. These diaries are made with re-use fabrics, of handmade paper and with Traditional Indian Folk Art. If you want to know more how she’s making these wonderful journals, read more on her blog.

Indian Journals has recently launched it’s zodiac range of journals. This new range especially is very viable for gifting. For the hostess, for Valentine’s, grandparents, co workers, business gifts and of course birthday gifts!

Excellent for personal use and gifting to almost everyone you can think of! So don’t hesitate about buying it on Etsy’s webshop, where you can see more reviews about her journals.

,, Amazing seller! Would highly highly recommend to people who are on the fence about it. The seller made sure I got my package when it took a bit longer & was very reassuring. The actual journal is the EXACT same as the picture, beautiful! Thanks!!”

/Abbey Radford/

,,[…] As always the product quality is amazing. Extremely speedy delivery. Such a pleasure doing business with this shop.”

/Tasha Robinson/

„I love her Journals made from pieces of materials that make their Saris… they are Bright Bold and Beautiful and I have bought a lot of her Journals over the years.. I highly recommend!!”

/Michele Casolco/

Sources: The Global Indian (


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