How to irritate Europeans with one sentence – and my view

I was surfing on the Internet, and I found a weird map on about how can we irritate the Europeans and make angry with a single sentence.

Here is the map:


Well, well, yes, some of us think that these comments or questions are totally innocent or we just think we’re funny when we mention these – but actually no. I cannot count on my hands how many times I got a comment about my country name.

“Hey, where are you from?”


“Are you hungry? Hahaha”

Hahaha, very funny. Ohh, not this one. In the beginning it might be funny, but when you hear it for the 100th time, it’s actually not. I nor like when someone cannot write my country name properly. Hungary is HungAry and not Hungry. So please, show some respect.

I was surprise when I didn’t see any comments on Finland for example. I heard Sweden and Finland are in a very big competition, so in my opinion a Finnish person can be easily irritated with a sentence “Sweden is better at ice hockey”. Before I went to Finland for 4 months, I was taught not to compare it with Sweden at any cost.

When I saw Portugal’s comment, I started laughing thinking about my Portuguese room-mate, Andreyna. I don’t really think that people ask Portuguese people whether they talk “Brazilian language”, but they ask whether Brazilians talk in Portuguese? According to my friend people in Portugal don’t like when someone compares them with Brazilians, and she mention even the language can be very different.

Lets see Romania. Well, yeah, Budapest, Bucharest… Romanian, nor Hungarians like this change 😀 I guess it’s because our relationship is not the best with Romania, so the countries don’t really like each others. I’m a member of a group on Facebook, where an American girl living in New York State mention how annoying is when she tells someone she lives in New York, and everyone means New York City. So if this is annoying, just think about how Romanian people feel when they hear Budapest as their capital, or a Hungarian hearing Bucharest as their capital. I didn’t really have this experience in abroad, I usually went to countries where people didn’t know our capital (as they haven’t even heard about Hungary) or they knew Budapest. However, once, when I was volunteering in AIESEC, a Greek applicant wrote me “Thanks Dora, but it seems we won’t meet in Bucharest” – well, he was right! 😀

Which annoys me, is the comment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “Are you Eastern Europeans?” I realized people don’t ask this, but they say it. Many foreigners call Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary East Europe, while we consider ourselves Central Europeans, and it’s an offense to call us Eastern Europeans. We’re the same like Mexico – they nor like hear being called South Americans.

Last, but not least, I’m wondering whether Turkish people get some jokes with the “bird” turkey for their country.

What is your opinion about the map? Is there any kind of comments which makes you upset?


4 thoughts on “How to irritate Europeans with one sentence – and my view

  1. Being an italian, I can assure that for someone to state they like pasta with ketchup is something like a curse, LOL! Not everyone will be annoyed by this, but the most patriotic among us will be. Anyway, I can fully understand how annoying some questions/statements about one’s country can be: when you get “pizza, pasta and mandolino” as 100th comment on your nationality, you really feel like “Oh, seriously? Hello 2017!”.


    1. Hahahaha, yeah, I heard that as well! I heard some stuffs for the pizza as well, for example, “Italians hate pineapple on pizza”, and putting ketchup onto the pizza is also not a good thing. In those 14 countries where I have been to, I have never seen anyone putting ketchup onto their pizza, only Hungarians. But yes, it’s very boring to get the 100th same comment on our nationality :/

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