Budapest in pictures

When I wrote my 1 day itinerary for Budapest, I got a very nice help from my friend, who loves taking photos. Personally I like good pictures and taking photos with good angles, but I never have patience to retouch photos. I wonder how people are doing that and how much patience they have. This time I would like to show more from Budapest through the pictures of my dear friend, László Faragó.

10981725_879719768733898_5304725532262172311_nWe got to now each others in university, where we attended to the same classes. Firstly I noticed his Ferrari pen and I decided to start talking with him immediately. We have the same interest regarding to the motor sports. Afterwards I got to know László loves walking in Budapest and explore every little thing for photo taking. He likes buildings, taking photos about portrays, and nowadays he’s into event photography as well.

So lets start our journey in Budapest via pictures. Firstly, get on the public transportation. Budapest has 4 metro lines: the 1st (yellow) one, which I consider pretty vintage, mainly its stations. The 2nd (red) one, which goes through the most important points of Budapest for tourists or travelers (2 railway stations, Parliament, stadium, and so on). The 3rd (blue) one, which you need to take when you go/come to/from the airport. The latest line is the 4th (green) one, which runs through several modern and beautiful stations, though the line itself is not that useful like the 2nd or 3th line.

Budapest is very famous about its architecture. There are not so many places where you can find something similar to the Hungarian Parliament, the Buda Castle or the St. Stephen’s Basilica. Even our railway stations are very beautiful, especially the Keleti. László also showed us how beautiful our National Theater is, where you can find a calm park with a boat terrace, a labyrinth and a small viewpoint.

It’s better to know that Budapest has 7 bridges. We sometimes have problems with setting up meetings, and we decide to meet at one of the bridges. I have heard several stories when people discussed to meet at one of the bridges and they ended up waiting at different bridges. Although they are not that far from each others, you need to walk about 10-20 minutes to get to the next bridge. The name of the bridges (from the bottom to the top) are Rákóczi Bridge, Petőfi Bridge, Szabadság Bridge,  Erzsébet Bridge, Chain Bridge, Margit Bridge, and Árpád Bridge. Although the Chain Bridge is really photogenic, László took several pictures about the Szabadság Bridge, where people like hanging around in spring and summer. There are several couples or group of friends picnicing on the foot of the bridge. The view from each bridges are amazing, so don’t hesitate to go through some of them once you’re in Budapest.

 I would like to encourage you to visit my friend’s Facebook page for more beautiful pictures. László also have pictures from the Hungarian countryside, and even from some car races, as he is a big enthusiastic for motor sports as well.



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