Lets have a bubble tea!

Once upon a time, I hosted a girl, Ceci from Taiwan in Budapest. We hanged out a lot, but one afternoon we got separated, as I was very tired. She had a walk in the cityIMAG2533 to look for some postcards and came back to my home a little bit later than me. Then she took something which made me addicted to a new stuff: to bubble tea. Bubble tea is originally from Asia. It’s a sweet drink based on tea or milk where some type of toppings are put.

Thanks to her, I got to know the Bubu Bubble Tea shop owned by a Taiwanese woman. It is located in Budapest, on Teréz körút, between Oktogon and Nyugati. You can easily go there by the 4/6 tram. They also have a shop on Petőfi Sándor utca in the 5th district, but I haven’t visited it before.

I didn’t hesitate to go there next time, as I really liked the tea which Ceci gave to me. At the shop you need to select the size of the drink (there are 3: small, 1middle and large), the base (tea or milk) and the flavour. You can tell the assistant whether you want it to be warm or cold. There are several flavour, like mango, guava, apple, kiwi, strawberry, maracuja, and so on. Eventually, you select the toppings which can be jelly and/or bubbles. They also give tapioca, which has a very weird taste, and there are 2 group of people: who love it (personally I’m here, hahaha), and who hate it. Voilá, you have your bubble tea! I drank the guava flavoured milk last time with every toppings they had! 🙂


I like sitting down in the shop, as there are not so many people. In my opinion the bubble tea business is not that big in Hungary yet, therefore not that many people go there to buy tea. On the 2nd floor there are very comfortable sofas and chairs. You can sit down with your tea and study, read or surf on the Internet. Of course they have Wi-Fi and they have power plugs as well.

If you become hungry, you will find some nice Asian foods at Bubu as well. You can buy sushi, and I have recently realized that they sell dim sum and Japanese soup. I tasted their sushi, which I found really good, so I also trust in their foods.

I really hope this shop will have higher traffic in the future, as the teas and milks are really good. To tell you the truth I don’t have a favourite one, as I love all the flavours. Maybe I can say I prefer the milk base, but I would never say a no to a tea base. On the other hand, the employees are very kind, they are smiling and very helpful.

If you in Budapest and you love bubble tea, don’t miss this amazing shop. You can visit their website (it’s available in English as well), where you can make orders as well.



3 thoughts on “Lets have a bubble tea!

  1. I am having so much fun reading through all your adventures. I am glad I found your blog and was assigned you as a partner on swapbot. I’ve never heard of bubble tea. It must not be a thing they do in the USA yet. –aligurl75


    1. Thank you for your wonderful reply. Actually I drank one in the USA as well, when I was in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m sure in bigger cities you can find bubble tea, especially in Chinatowns.


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