Challenges you always meet when packing a luggage


Only a few hours left before I go to Poland. I cannot say whether I’m excited or not – of course I’m excited, because I can go to a country, where I have never been before, I can get to know a lot of places, try a new cuisine… but on the other hand I’m not excited, because I need to leave my family in Hungary.

As a traveler I don’t spend so much time with packing. Therefore I started packing yesterday for my 6 months adventure. My secret (not anymore…) is to write a list about the stuffs I want to put into my luggages. So, instead of start to pack 2 weeks before I start writing my 2 weeks before, and in the end I can throw everything into the luggage. This time I fell behind a bit, so my list started to grow only on Sunday. I wouldn’t be surprised if I left something… lets see!

My biggest challenge is to fit 20 kgs, as Polskibus let only a main luggage which is 20 kgs. I’m sure mine has more, but lets try! This time at least my family will be there to help me in case I need to remove anything from my bag. I heard from a Facebook group that the bus driver doesn’t really care about the luggage, as most people go without any main luggages. So I can only cross my fingers and say a pray to be accepted with an overweighted luggage 😀 I also have challenges with my hand luggage (which totally won’t be 5kgs, but it’s mine, noone can ever touch it!). And… I take a “personal bag”, which wasn’t even mentioned on Polskibus, so lets hope they won’t start complaining about it.

Although I have traveled quite much with main luggage, I can say I still don’t know how to pack practically. I realized I’m still better than some other girls, who put away 10 kgs make up and bath products, but still, I can hardly fit into 23 kgs. When I went to Helsinki, Finland for an exchange program, with Norwegian Air Shuttle I took 2 luggages, as they limited a luggage into 20 kgs. I was pretty amateur at that time, so I decided to bring 2 luggages instead of packing logically.

My problem is to pack too many clothes for home wearing. During the weekends I like wearing comfortable clothes, which means I wear 2 sizes bigger than I am. Of course these clothes shouldn’t really be worn during the weekdays when I go to work or go somewhere. I experienced in India and in Indonesia as well that I prepared too many of these clothes, and eventually I didn’t wear most of them. In Indonesia I promised myself to change on it, so now I put away only a few bad T-shirts and trousers.

The stuffs I really want to pack, but I cannot:IMAG2541.jpg

  • My plush Moomin. I have a quite big Moomin, which I use to sleep with – but don’t tell it to anyone! I’m actually a big girl already, haha.
  • My bed. For Christmas I got a new matress with memory foam. You cannot imagine how good is to sleep on it! I say a pray to have a nice bed in Poland as well! In the American summer camp I adored my bed, but I couldn’t really say the same the one in India, where I needed to use 2 matresses to sleep a little comfortable.
  • My stationary stuffs. I have a lot of nice writing papers with envelopes, stamps, postcards… I love using them, but now I shouldn’t put them away in that 20 kgs 😦 14900620_10154066849083581_6964708817873753074_n
  • Nikó, our cute Shih Tzu. She’s so playful, that my heart breaks for not being able to take her with me 😦 Look at the picture, isn’t she adorable?
  • My mother. Unfortunately she’s too big to fit into a luggage. She’s not only my mother, but my best friend who listens to my problems. I can share anything with her. And, she’s a very good cook!

Okay guys, I really hope you enjoyed my post. Wish me luck for the luggages, and see you soon in a few days.


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