Something that made me happy this month – March


I’ve recently seen a swap on Swapbot called „Something that made me happy this month”. I really liked the idea of sharing my month with my readers, so I didn’t hesitate to participate in the game and write about my March.

In the beginning of March I finished my 1 month job at the company where my mother works. Although in the beginning I found it very boring, fortunately the HR Manager gave me pretty nice tasks to do, mainly with Excel. I enjoyed that part of my job very much, it meant more challenge to me than printing bills and organizing them on the Sales Department. They gave me a pretty nice reference on my last day, so I was very happy about it. Since that time I got a job offer from the company, but I didn’t accept because of my Polish job.

Yes, this was also the part of my month. I got a job in Poland, in a very small city called Kluczbork, where I came in the middle of March. I work as a Sales Specialist, and I need to sell workwear and protective clothing to Hungarian companies. Hungary is still a new market, therefore firstly I need to do translations and searches for prices and potential companies to talk to. You can read more about my first days in Poland here.

I also took my first trip to an other Polish city, to Wroclaw. I came to Poland with a student organization called AIESEC, and I met some people from the hosting committee. On the other hand, I could do some touristy stuffs, like hunting the gnomes of Wroclaw, and see the Rynek, the market square with various colourful buildings. Don’t hesitate to read more about my day in Wroclaw here.

This is all about my March. I hope my April will be as good as March was. Hopefully, April will be about traveling.


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