Something that made me happy this month – April

A month has passed and the next round of Something that made me happy this month series has arrived. I was very excited to sign up for this swap a month ago already, though at that time I totally have no idea what is going to happen to me. I knew for sure that I’m going to do more travels in Poland.

When the last swap started, I was on my nice weekend away from my town. I was thinking whether I should include this trip in the last round, or I should write about it this one. Well, I decided to write about it now. If you’re interested to read about my March, have a look at it here: Something that made me happy this month – March.

During my Erasmus exchange semester in Helsinki, I got to know Magda, a Polish girl, who lives in Krakow. As I’m working in Poland right now, one of my goal was to visit her in Krakow and have a chat with her after 2 years. Fortunately in the beginning of the month it happened, and I went to Krakow! Together we went to the wonderful Chocholowska Valley to the Tatra Mountains, where we could see the amazing crocus flower in blossom. The flower can be seen only for 1-2 weeks, so once it starts flowering, people are heading to this valley immediately. On that day there were more than 25.000 people visiting the site! You can read more about my experience in the valley in my other blogpost: The flower which is visible only for 2 weeks in the Tatra Mountains.

Iimages had more time to catch up with my letter writing in this month. Since I’m in Poland, I haven’t written so many snail mails, therefore my pile was growing and growing rapidly. Once, when I had a look at my incoming letters’s list, I counted 21 envelopes. Fortunately I could reply to many of them (but the sad part is that right now I have 17 again, hahaha).

I made an other trip: to Warsaw, where I also have a friend, Daga! I met her thanks to Couch Surfing. I hosted her about 5-6 years ago at my home, and since that we’re still in touch. Actually, she was my first Couch Surfer, and she gave me the very first experience from Couch Surfing. If you don’t know what Couch Surfing is, you can learn it in this post. Unfortunately Daga lives in a small flat, therefore she couldn’t host me, but we hung out in the city as much as we could. She needed to work on Saturday morning, and go to the school on Sunday afternoon, but during the rest of the time we were together of course. Based on our 2 days walk trip, I wrote some tips what to see for free in Warsaw: 10 places in Warsaw you can visit for free.

My last happiness on the list is being back to home, in Hungary. There is a longer weekend in Poland (1st and 3rd May are holiday), so I decided to ask for some more days off and come back to Hungary to visit my family. I really missed my family, including our little dog, Nikó. I missed my mother’s food, especially the soup she usually cooks for Sundays. I also had the chance to see my incoming letters in perletöltésson, and see all the stamps I got from the swaps, which arrived after I left to Poland. I adore participating in the stamp exchange swaps, and personally I run 2 series related to stamp bags. One of them is taken my an other swapper, but the another one is on hold it seems, so I decided to open some swaps while I’m at home. If you like stamps, you shouldn’t hesitate to sign up for these swaps:

This is all for this month. I already participated in the next round, and I can’t wait to write more about my next month! 🙂


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