My last three… #4

A few days ago I found a very cool email swap on Swapbot, and of course I participated. Participants need to write down the last 3 stuffs they have done and write more about that. Here is mine!

The last 3 books I’ve read:

  • Chesley Sullenberger: Sully – Miracle onthe Hudson. T41u8pzzcn8l-_ac_ul320_sr212320_he book is written by the plane pilot, who landed on the Hudson River in Manhattan in 2009. He writes about his life: how he started flying, his years in the army, about his family… it’s a good book, if you like biographies, and you’re interested in aviation and pilots’ life. I participated in a swap a few months before, where I also wrote about this book: Book I’m reading right now
  • Louis Bromfield – The Rains Came. It’s a very long book, but it was so boring that I stopped quite early. In the shop the story looked interesting, and I heard there was a very good movie based on the book which got some awards, that’s why I decided to buy it. But now I regret.
  • Athur Golden – Memoirs of a Geisha. One of my favourite books so far! A little bitmore included to the book that to the movie, especially in the beginning. If you liked the movie, you should read the book as well! And of course, if you haven’t seen the movie, but you’re interested in Japanese culture, and the geishas, you should also read this book.memoirs-of-a-geisha

The last 3 movies I saw:

  • Lion King 2. It’s my favourite Disney movie ❤
  • Anastasia. Not the animation movie, but the movie from9wbvqjfjgwhfhnxdj13vbxdmsyy 1986. My mother started watching it, as she is very interested in the Romanov family. I joined her. The movie is quite long, and it has a totally different ending than the animation movie! Personally I didn’t know so much about the Romanov family, therefore I was waiting for the same end like in the animation movie. I was a little bit disappointed, but it wasn’t a bad movie in my opinion.
  • Sully. After reading the book, of course I wanted to watmv5bmtg5ntuwndiyov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmji2otc3ote-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_ch the movie with Tom Hanks. I love Aircrash Investigations, therefore I have already heard about this accident before from that TV show. I didn’t like this movie at all, but yes, as it was a Hollywood movie, they should make it more stressful and more fearful – and show NTSB bad and unprofessional, which I really really didn’t like. Read more about my opinion: Sully – The Miracle on The Hudson.

The last 3 TV-Shows I’ve watched:

  • Friends. I have seen every episodes 1000 times, but I’m still watching it! 😀 And I can laugh a lot of them… still.
  • Hotel Impossible. It’s a TVshow whhotelimpossible04ere a very professional and experienced guy is visiting hotels which need help. The guy helps hotels to become better and have more guests. They renovate buildings and rooms, and it’s interesting to see how a hotel was and how they could change it.
  • House Hunters International. Couples are looking for a house or a flat to rent or buy in an other country. If you like houses, you should watch this show, as they show a lot of houses. The couple must choose a house from 3 options. The show is actually pretty funny, because in every episode you can realize that the real estate says „for this money it will be hard to find a house like that”, and while the couples check the houses they never agree with each others, but in the end they totally agree in everything. I guess it’s a little bit played, but still, I like this

My 3 latest crushes:

  • George Clooney. Well, I guess I don’t need to talk about him ❤
  • Vin Diesel. I just love bald guys 😀
  • Dan Balan. He’s a singer from Moldova. He was a member of O-Zone, maybe youheard about them already. They had the song „Dragostea Din Tei”, which became very popular in Europe, at least in Hungary. Nowadays Dan Balan „sings” alone with some „bitches” – sorry for saying this, but just have a look at one of his video clips, there is always a girl who is acting like a bitch.


The last 3 things I bought:

  • Train ticket. I work in Poland, and now I’m back to Hungary for a week. I needed to buy the train ticket to go back to Poland.
  • Polish chocholate – Wawel. It’s quite cheap, but so tasty!
  • Postcards from Warsaw. When I visit a new city, I always buy some postcards for my collection and for my penpals 🙂

The last 3 places I visited:

  • Shopping mall in Veszprém, Hungary. I wanted to take my shoes back and have it changed. I cleaned my shoes in that morning, but it wasn’t dry, so I decided not to bring it back that time. But I went to other shops with my mother.
  • Warsaw. I have a friend there, who was my very first Couch Surfer in Hungary about 6 years ago. I have a blogpost based on this visit, which you can check: 10 places in Warsaw you can visit for freewarsaw1
  • Krakow. I visited my friend there, who I got to know in Helsinki, during my Erasmus exchange program.

The last 3 songs I’ve listened to:

The last 3 things I discovered for myself: (for this question you can name anything you want such as food sport, a TV-Show….

  • Trains between Hungary and Poland are not that expensive – the cost of tickets are similar to the bus tickets. However, this applies to the weekends only, during the weekdays you can find very cheap bus tickets due to the lack of people.
  • I can use magazine pages for making envelopes – to be honest I have already received a lot of letters in magazine papers, but I never cared about them 😀 and now I realized what a cool idea it is.
  • A new TV show, where people get married randomly. Personally I found this pretty stupid, as the 2 people who get married don’t know each others. In my opinion we shouldn’t play with the marriage so much, even nowadays it means almost nothing in Western world. I’d be curious how much money these people get from the TV channel to get married with a totall stranger.

What are your answers?


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