1 day itinerary for New York City – yes, it’s possible!

new_york_city_viewWarning: This itinerary is pretty hardcore, and sadly it doesn’t give you enough insight to New York City. But very good for those who has a short stay in the city.

I did this trip with my friend in my 2nd summer in the USA. She wasn’t that interested in traveling, and she wanted to take the money to home after she finished working. Well, in that year with broken heart I also needed to give up my travels in the USA, as I was accepted to the Erasmus program in Finland, therefore I needed the money too. So, what could we do? Visit New York City in 1 day! In my previous year I was there for 4 days, when I could visit almost everything I wanted, except for some stuffs. My friend nor had so many plans for the city.

We made a plan with mostly walking, and use subway only a few times. We didn’t want to buy any special tickets, like weekly ticket, or so.

So, what did we do?

  1. Brooklyn Bridge

1At 8 o’clock we arranged our meeting at High Street subway station, in Brooklyn. A good advice to meeting your friends in New York: never arrange it outside of the station! Almost all of them have more exits, like High Street, so it can easily happen that you’re waiting at a different place. I have some very funny „meeting stories” from New York, which made me arrange my meetings right at the platform, where the subway trains stops.  Visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can have a more beautiful view onto the Financial District of Manhattan. Walking through the Brooklyn Bridge is fun from Brooklyn to Manhattan. You can see the beautiful skyscrapers and take a lot of pictures.

  1. 9/11 Memorial 2

We booked a time slot for the memorial in a shop nearby Ground Zero. You can do it online as well, just we had no idea what time we can arrive there. We needed to wait about an hour, so during that time we had a little walk, and a breakfast in a near McDonald’s. The memorial is free, but you can leave there donations. Inside, at the fountains I had a very weird feeling. I didn’t like people who went there and were standing with big smiles at the fountains waiting for a photo to taken. Commooon, 3000 people died on that day at that place, and you’re smiling???

  1. Wall Street

I guess I shouldn’t talk about Wall Street. It’s a must to do thing in Manhattan. The buildings of banks are very beautiful, so you will be totally amazed I guess.

  1. Charging Bull

Go to the bull and touch its testicle, as it brings luck according to the reliefs. Probably there were many people, so if you really want to make a picture there, you should stand into a line. Don’t worry, it’s not that bad!


  1. Battery Park

Walking to the ferry station, we put this Battery Park into our way. It’s a kind park to have a walk in, where you can see the ocean, the Statue Liberty, and the skyscrapers.


  1. Staten Island

My friend didn’t want to spend money on going up to the Statue Liberty, therefore we decided to go to the Staten Island, where free ferries are taking the people from South Ferry Station. The tour takes about 30 minutes one way, and it passes the Statue Liberty, though it’s not that close to the ferry.

  1. Columbia University

We went up to the Columbia University by subway. However, we were walking with my friends, but we couldn’t find the main building. A year after I went there, thanks to my host, who studied there, so she knew the buildings very well. I even went into one classroom, she said, the Spiderman movie had a scene in that room – how exciting!

  1. Morningside Park

This is not that park you really want to visit, believe me 😀 We crossed it just because we wanted to go to the Central Park. On the way we found a baseball court, where some teams were playing. We sat down on a bench and we decided to watch them, while we ate our sandwiches. We were thinking with Petra, what if some of the guys will be a very famous baseball player? Maybe in a few years we would see them in the TV and we can say that „Ohh, I have seen him already in Morningside Park!”. We tried to memorize their names, but of course I wouldn’t be able to name even one.

  1. Central Park

We started walking in the Central Park, but Petra really didn’t like it. She didn’t hesitate telling me to leave and go to the next spot. Well, she was right, Central Park is really not like in the movies in my opinion. I was shocked when I saw it in my first year in the USA, especially the green lake. A year after my host took me to some very nice areas of Central Park, so I was satisfied again. Well, the park is very big, you should have a whole day to visit and explore the whole park.

  1. Times Square

Buying your souvenirs at Time Square sounds the best thing, when you’re in New York. Although there are many tourists, the souvenirs are pretty cheap in my opinion. It’s easy to find postcards on sale: like 10 for $1. Don’t miss going to the Times Square Stairs and take picture there. If you ever want to meet your friend, never tell McDonald’s as a meeting point – Times Square has 2 McDonald’s! True story, I was waiting for my friend at one of the McDonald’s, while he was at the another one… Times Square is amazing not only during the night, but during the daytime as well!


  1. Empire State Building

Finally we reached the last point of our day! You can imagine how tired we were. Buying the ticket on the Internet is a good idea for the Empire State Building, as sometimes you need to wait a lot of time to buy the tickets at the counter. Well, this time it seems we were pretty lucky, as we were up to the tower in half an hour, and we bough our tickets at the counter. It’s a nice decision to go to the tower in time – we were suggested to arrive there by 4, so waiting a lot in the line brings us to arrive up at around 6. We were up too early, therefore we needed to wait a lot till the sun went down. But at least we could have pictures from daytime and evening time! (though by the evening Petra passed out, so she left before it became dark… but I was strong enough to wait the evening for beautiful pictures!)

I never thought that a human can visit so many places in a day in New York! It wasn’t that „wait for me till I make 10000 pictures” trip, we went with a good speed, taking less pictures with our cameras, but taking many captions by our memory!

Later, I will write about more sights to see in New York – just follow my blog, and Facebook page, so you won’t miss the latest posts!


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