My life after coming back from Poland


You might realized that I have disappeared for a while. Don’t worry, nothing bad happened to me – it depends how bad is that I terminated my contract in Poland. I don’t consider it that bad, but still, I’m not that happy at all, as I planned to be in Poland till the end of August in order to gain more experience, get to know the Polish culture and visit more place in Poland. However, the working and living conditions, and the people’s lack of English knowledge lead me to finish my chapter there, and come home.

My decision might help me in my studies for the entrance exam to Masters. I applied to 3 schools in Hungary: to Budapest, which has a written and an oral exam; to Debrecen, which has an oral exam only; and Győr, where only my BA degree will be considered – so that’s a surely placement, as my degree is pretty good. I already took the written exam last week, which I didn’t feel so good, but yesterday I got the results, and actually I got more points than I planned. They will upload the timetable of the spoken exams, which are during the next week. I’m refreshing the site in every single minute, but the school has still uploaded no information yet. I’m horribly curious how many people applied to my course, Supply Chain Management. Last year 90 people applied to the course and only 40 of them were accepted *sigh*. I don’t need to tell you how much I want to be accepted to this school – I don’t really want to go to Debrecen or Győr, where there are less opportunities than in Budapest. But we will see, I’ll know the final results in the end of July.

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So, what’s my summer plan? I can happily tell you that I got an other job! 😀 it’s located in Brno, the Czech Republic. I’ll be a Travel Agent at, which is very similar to Skyscanners, but much better. So, you can look for plane tickets there, and the system considers the low-cost airlines as well, so if you want to go to India for example from Europe, will probably find the cheapest option for you to fly to Dubai with a low-cost airline and then transfer to an other plane. Starting on 12th June, I’ll handle customers via phone, email, and chat. So, if you’re reading this and you want to fly somewhere, don’t hesitate to contact me at Kiwi 😀 – though I won’t be able to give you a discount unfortunately. 😛 I’m pretty curious about the job and the place, I hope it won’t be so stressful. Originally I wanted to be a Booking Agent and book plane tickets for the whoooole day, but eventually they offered me a Travel Agent contract.


I will surely tell you about my first days in Brno, till that time follow my blog and follow Kulturgram on Facebook, where you will get notifications about new posts 🙂



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