Postcard roulette

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This post is inspired by a swap on Swapbot, which I joined a few weeks ago. Originally I didn’t want to write a post about this swap, but the results were so good that I decided to show you what I got.

So, the participants need to send a “naked” postcard (naked postcard is that card which you write on, put a stamp on it, and send it without an envelope) to their partners they get via Swapbot. I got an American lady as a partner, and I sent a postcard for her. The another part of the game was that you send a 2nd card for a selected participant by you. I got the list of addresses, and I could choose a person from there. Most of them were from the USA, but fortunately there were people from Europe too. You know, sending letters to the USA, or out of Europe costs more, so I preferred sending a card for someone in Europe. And voilá, there was a person from the Czech Republic! As I’m going there soon to work (read more about it HERE), I didn’t hesitate to pick a postcard and send it for her.

The funny thing: it turned out that I was her partner, so I could expect a card from her as well 😀 But I didn’t care about it, I started writing on the card and mailed to her.

Actually, I was very happy when I received her card. Why? Just have a look at this:


A Formula 1 postcard *.* I adore Formula 1, although I’m a Ferrari fan, I was totally happy after receiving this card. She sent the card in an envelope, as she read on my profile that I prefer blank postcards, where there is nothing written on. She also included me a tea bag, a stamp on the envelope I hadn’t had before. (The pink envelope was sent by my French penpal, who lives in Paris – how cool is that I have a penpal from Paris!)

After her postcard I closed this swap in my mind, I asked “who would send a postcard for me, when there are so many people from the USA, Spain, and countries like that?”. And then yesterday it turned out I wasn’t right. I went out to our postbox to pick my letters up, when I saw this beautiful card inside:


And no, it wasn’t from Japan! Firstly I though my Japanese penpal sent me a card, but then I saw the name of the swap, and saw many US stamps on the card. The lady visited Japan in April and she sent me this card. I guess she read on my profile that my favourite book and movie is the Memoirs of a Geisha, so she sent me this card with geishas on it 🙂 She wrote she could visit Kyoto, which is my dream to visit in the future – so no need to day, I was very jealous!

It would be so nice to receive some more cards from this swap *.* but I guess now I really need to close it in my mind, and wait for other letters in the next days 🙂

Do you collect postcards? If you’re looking for partners to exchange postcards with, I trully advice you joining Swapbot.


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