Gratitude List

I joined a swap on Swapbot… AGAIN! 😀 We needed to list down what we’re grateful for (10). The partners were assigned a little bit late, I was afraid of the swap will be closed down, but no! 🙂 Today morning I woke up, logged in to Swapbot, and I saw I got my partners, yohoo! So, here is my list:

I’m grateful for…

… my snail mail friends. I trust them very much, and I hope I will never loose them ❤ I have about 40 penpals from all around the world. Do you want to have penpals too? Check my blogpost for some advices from where you can get more pals: Where to find penpals? 


… having such a nice mother. I can share with her anything, I cannot hide any secrets from her. She’s my best friend. This is my mother and me at my graduation ceremony:


… having a sister. Sometimes we argue a lot, but at least I do it as I love her, haha. I wish we could spend more time together! We love taking crazy pictures, here is one of them:


… being brave enough to travel alone. I have been to places where people wouldn’t go alone, for example in India, Indonesia and so on. I’m totally addicted to Asia, and I hope I can go there back in the future 🙂


… living in peace. Fortunately there are no wars here, and so far we got no terror attacks.


… having a very comfortable bed to sleep on. For Christmas I got a memory foam matress, so I feel myself in the heaven every night.

… drinking a cup of coffee when I’m tired in the morning.


… being able to find a job. I will start in my new place in Brno, the Czech Republic on 12th June, and I’m already very excited 🙂 You can read more about my future job HERE.

… knowing more languages. I can speak Hungarian, English, German and Italian. I can connect with more people all around the world 🙂


… my dogs. They make me happy all the time, and they are so playful! I have a male German Shepherd, Gioti and a female Shih Tzu, Nikó. A few days ago I joined a swap where I needed to write about them, this is its result: Introduce your Pet They are very cute, so you won’t be disappointed if you check that post 😉

What are you grateful for? 🙂 Share it with us!


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