Where I live

Nowadays I join more and more email swaps on Swapbot. This time I joined the “Where I live” email swap, where we needed to make at least 5 pictures and mail them with some explanations to our partners. This swap couldn’t come in a better time – I have recently moved to Brno, the Czech Republic, so I can show where I live not only to my swap partners, but my English speaking friends as well. There is a Hungarian version of my flat description, which you can read HERE.

Sadly I can show you only 5 pictures – my plan for today was sightseeing with my good camera, and show you something more from the city where I live. However, today morning it started raining, which totally ruined my plans. Therefore I need to manage these 5 pictures only, and hopefully after a few days I can put some pictures on my blog (the weather forecast says tomorrow it will be sunny)

IMAG2657Right now I stay in a company house with a Czech and a Serbian guy. We all have our own rooms. My room is pretty big, there are 2 beds, and an additional bunk bed. There is a wardrobe, and 2 tables. The room seems totally empty because of its size, and to be honest, it’s really depressing white. There is no blind on the window, in addition there is a lamp outside in the street, so actually it’s never dark. This flat will be my home for 3 weeks only, I hope I can find a better room afterwards, which is totally dark during the night 😀

When we enter to our apartment the first thing we see is the kitchen. I consider it really modern and beautiful. It has a good oven, and we also have a dishwasher as well. There are many equipments for cooking, though there were some stuffs I didn’t see, for example the cheese grater.


IMAG2661The bathroom is also quite colorful, we have a shower and a bathtub as well. The washing machine is also there. I find the shower pretty funny, as there is a part where you can have a seat. I guess it’s there because we need to wait a lot till the hot water comes, so you might need to sit down and wait like that 😀

IMAG2659We also have a big living room, with a big table, 2 sofas, and a pool table. In the beginning I became very excited about the pool table,as I like playing with it, but then I realized that the balls are missing, so there are only a few balls to play with- but actually a good match couldn’t be played I guess. This living room accommodates me when I use the laptop – because of some reasons my laptop doesn’t work from my room, it doesn’t see the WiFi connections from there. Bojan, the Sebian guy is a developer in the company, and he told me when he’s back from Serbia, he will check my laptop.

And, eventually, a picture about our street. There is a very nice painted wall in front of our apartment. In the beginning I had problems with finding my apartment – I didn’t get lost, but I needed to check every single building’s number, as all of them looks the same. Then I realized that the wall starts almost in front of our building, so I don’t need check every single buildings whether I’m at the right place 😀


I hope you enjoyed reading my story about where I live 🙂


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