Something that made me happy this month – June


I joined the latest „Something that made me happy this month” swap on Swapbot, so now I will write about my June.

Honestly a lot of things happened to me in this month, and, as I was quite busy, I didn’t have much time to write about every single events.

In the very beginning of the month I had a spoken entrance exam to an university in Budapest, which is considered to be the best state university of Business. Unfortunately my written exam wasn’t so good, so I studied a lot to be better during the spoken exam and get accepted by the Master course in Supply Chain Management. I was very good, actually I gained 100% with 30 points, so I became the 31st out of 105 applicants. The first 40 will be accepted, so I have a very good chance to get in. (There are additional points after the BA degree and so, therefore I cannot be 100% sure about being accepted, but I guess I’ll be.)

About a week later I moved to Brno to the Czech Republic, where I got a job in a big travel agency, called Before my starting day I had some days to get to know the city, and arrange the basic stuffs for me (like buying SIM card, doing medical examination, and so). I also started looking for an apartment, because in the beginning I could stay in the company’s apartment for 21 days. In a different swap I already wrote about the company flat, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to check it out: Where I live

And, I started working. Fortunately it turned out that my contract offer was messed up, so thanks God I didn’t start as a Travel Agent, but a Booking Agent (as we say in Order Processing Specialist). I got into a group of 2 with a Slovenian girl, and we started the 4 weeks long training in order to be good bookers. We learnt a lot about the industry and we were going so fast that on the 3rd week we started working on real cases alone. Actually I’m booking plane tickets for people, add luggage to their bookings, and do stuffs related to the same. So far I really like it, though sometimes I’m very stressed, because if I do something wrong, a very annoyed passenger will come back to us – and I feel really bad in that time.

I could get some friends as well – we’re in a very good connection with Zana, the Slovenian girl, who is my colleague. After we finish our training we will be in the same team. Above her, I met a girl from Bulgaria, Veska, who works for IBM. And, a guy from El Salvador, Enrique. I go out somewhere with them once in a week to a bar or to an event, it depends. Last week I went to Veveri castle with Veska, where there was some barbecue party. It was a very hot day, and I forgot putting sun cream onto my sensitive skin, so I got a horrible sunburnt. Here are some pictures from that day:

Aaaand, I could find a flat also! I moved a few days ago, on Wednesday. The new flat is kinda out of the city center, but it’s close to my office! I can walk to my office in about 15-20 minutes. From the last flat I reached it in about half an hour by bus (+ I needed to walk about 5-10 minutes). I have only 1 flatmate in this moment, Glorybeth from the Philippines. She arrived yesterday only, and she told me that she’s going back to the Philippines for a month in a few days.

This is all about my month. I really hope I can participate the next round and I can share my good moments from July. How was your June? Don’t hesitate to share it with us 🙂


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