Who I am?

This is a 25 years old girl from Hungary, whose name is Dóra – yes, yes, the explorer! Do you know her? Ummm, here you go:

It’s not a big mistake to compare me with that cartoon, as I also love traveling and explore new places, cultures, people and foods, and so on! However, I prefer called as “Dóri” – no, no, not the fish from Finding Nemo, fortunately my memory is better than Dory’s!

So where is Hungary? It’s in the heart of Europe, between Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. You may heard about Budapest, which is one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world in my opinion. You may heard about Danube river as well, and probably about Lake Balaton, which are also very popular waters in Hungary. Actually, my hometown pretty nearby the Lake Balaton, I live only 3 kms far from there, in a small village with 1500 souls: in Balatonfőkajár. The life here is kinda boring, except for the summers, when there are soo many tourists here, especially from the Netherlands. Not far from my house there is a street, where more Dutch people own the houses than Hungarians.

My beloved interests are snail mailing, the aviation and traveling. Therefore I would love to share as much as possible about my hobbies with you: the goodies I see from envelopes, my experiences in other countries, and I want you to realize how cheap can be a trip to somewhere.

I hope you will enjoy my threads.