Gratitude List

I joined a swap on Swapbot... AGAIN! 😀 We needed to list down what we're grateful for (10). The partners were assigned a little bit late, I was afraid of the swap will be closed down, but no! 🙂 Today morning I woke up, logged in to Swapbot, and I saw I got my partners, …

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My life after coming back from Poland

You might realized that I have disappeared for a while. Don't worry, nothing bad happened to me - it depends how bad is that I terminated my contract in Poland. I don't consider it that bad, but still, I'm not that happy at all, as I planned to be in Poland till the end of …

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Learn languages for free!

My addiction related to cultures applies to the languages as well. I love languages, and my goal is to know as many languages as possible, but firstly, my foreign friends' native language. The list is very long: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Russian, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese... should I continue? As a …

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