Snail mailing

Snail mailing is a part of my life, I cannot live without writing a letter in a week.

I started snail mailing when I was 9 or 10 years old. My mother suggested me to look for some penpals to write with in order to practise the Hungarian grammar. I was pretty interested, because I liked getting new friends. In those time my mother always checked my letters if I have any mistakes in it. Those were pretty bad times, as she never told me what my mistake was, but she mentioned that I have “X” mistakes in 1 page. On better days she mentioned in which line I have the mistake. Uhh, I hated this so much! But I cannot say enough thank you to her, as I consider my Hungarian grammar pretty good. When I was 14 years old, I wrote my first English letter to a girl from Jersey, Channel Islands, England. Unfortunately she died in Cystics Fibrosis when she turned to 20. I had other penpals afterwards, and I didn’t stop my hobby till now, although the Internet made more people to stop writing normal letters, and they prefer sending emails.

Nowadays I exchange letters in English, German and Italian. I have about 30-40 penpals who write me pretty often.

I’m also a member of Swapbot, which is based on swapping. People join swaps of any topics, where they can exchange items like postcards, chocolates, tea bags, and everything you can think of). I used to be addictive to the site, but thanks God I could reducate my activity there, and now I join only a few swaps, which are mainly related to sending postage stamps.

I shouldn’t forget about Postcrossing, where I’m a member as well, though righ now I’m inactive. It’s about sending postcards to other members, who don’t know us. After they receive the postcards, they register it, and we get a postcard in return from a 3rd person. It’s good, as sometimes you can get quite unique postcards from very beautiful countries.

In case of any questions don’t hesitate to ask me about snail mailing, I’ll be happy to help you 🙂